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New Church understands that because of social distancing mandates, funerals are going to have to look different over the next few weeks and even months. We have decided to use the resources God has given us to create a unique, professional, and meaningful moment for your family with no strings attached

As you face this season of grief, allow us to help you with the need to gather your family around each other during this time while leveraging the same technology we use to bring our church together in this digital world.

We are praying for you during this time and we are here to serve you in any way. Please do not hesitate to reach out. 


Find Your Place At New Life. We realize that we are just one of many churches in Laramie, Wyoming.  We would love for you to get involved with everything that God is doing here at New Life Church. It is our desire that you get plugged into a ministry where you can continue to grow, develop your spiritual life and your ministry gifts. Please let us know if we can help you connect.
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