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Matching Funds



Thanks to some generous donors we’ve received a matching fund grant of $8,500. If we are able to raise $8,500 by December 31, 2022, then they will match that amount. So instead of $8,500 we will have $17,000 toward our new building. Also, on Giving Tuesday there are additional matching funds available to us. We could potentially not only double, but triple any donations made to us on this day. Meaning if you donate $100, New Life would receive $300! 

We know $8,500 is a large amount of money in a short amount of time but God is a big God. He can do more than we can ask or imagine and we can all play a part in this. Any donation will help us reach our goal. Would you prayerfully consider including this in your end-of-year giving to help us move forward in 2023 toward the vision that God has given us? 


Probably most people could say, “The last few years have been a rollercoaster”.  New Life Church, like everyone else, had our world rocked in March of 2020 as Covid-19 changed everything. Prior to that in 2018 and 2019 the church experienced miraculous growth marked by record amounts of people discovering New Life in Christ, getting baptized and growing in Christ.  The one thing that the global pandemic did not change was the Life Change taking place at New Life Church.

Just a year later in March 2021, despite covid restrictions, controversial mandates and global uncertainty New Life Church took a HUGE step of faith and became a portable church. We moved out of our building 3 miles south of town and into the Albany County Fairgrounds. During this time our church has grown even more and God is changing more lives. 

As a leadership team we are more convinced than ever that God is up to big things and He has big plans for the future of New Life Church. Our goal in 2023 is to take another step of faith and purchase the property that will become the future home of New Life Church. 

Despite being delayed by the pandemic, we have been able to raise $1,372,547.57 through the sale of our building, the sale of some property that the church owned, and through generous giving.  The estimated cost of the needed building is about $2,000,000.  We would like to have 3/4 of that by the end of 2023 which will require us to raise about $127,000 in the next year. 

New Life Church desires to build a church home that will be a blessing to our community.   Through it we believe we will be able to do more for God tomorrow than we were able to do yesterday and more than we can do today. It will help us fulfill our mission helping, “People far from God to experience New Life in Christ and become life long followers of Jesus Christ."


Every situation is different. New Life Church has people from all walks of life and different financial situations but what is the same is our ability to hear God and obey. We believe that all of us can be a part of what God wants to do. 


in 2023

In addition to the previous raised funds, we are seeking to raise $127,000 by the end of 2023. These are huge numbers for us that would represent nothing short of a miracle but we serve a miracle working God and we believe that we will see Him do it.  own text.

Our History

Where we began in 1932 

Church on Fort Sanders from 2005 until 2021

Rendering of possible future building