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New Life Church has always had a heart to serve you and your family. We have always risen to the occasion to help care for our community. At this time, during the COVID-19 global pandemic, it is no different. We recognize we are in uncharted territory as a church community. Below you will find several different initiatives we are launching as a church. This is a working plan of how we are expanding the outreach of the church in this time to help care for those who are in need.


Please know, our pastors and staff are working hard to care for you, our community and our world. I really do believe that Laramie is an incredible that this can be the Church’s finest hour! We will not shrink back, but we will advance. We will be the church that God desires for us to be. If you would like to partner with any of the outreach and care opportunities please let us know or you can donate online.

Pray with me, for our world, our country, our cities, and our church.

Matt Baumgartner | New Life Church Pastor


How New Life Cares

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