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Most people never actually read the Bible outside of church, let alone on a daily basis.  When you’re in an IronGroup, the goal is not the quantity of what is read, rather what is revealed. We read one chapter, repeatedly each day, for a week which allows us to meditate on what God is saying. Typically one or more verses and a general theme will stand out as the Holy Spirit impresses them on us. This is where God speaks to us clearly. Then when the Iron Group meets together (once a week) they read the chapter together, share what God is speaking to them and pray over each other. 

The Mechanics of Weekly
Ironmen Groups:

• Before you open your Bible, pray a simple prayer of surrender and ask God to show you what He wants you to see next. Don’t look for what you want, rather look for what God is showing you. Be open.

• Read the current week’s chapter daily.  If you miss a day, it’s ok. 

• As God reveals a verse or verses to you, highlight or underline them, pray and meditate on them. Build the discipline of daily reading His Word and you will become a miner of “God’s Gold.” This is why we re-read the same chapter daily each week.

• Once you start to see the verse or verses that God is showing you, determine if they are a Promise, a Truth and/or a Command (it can be one, two, or all three). When you meet with your Irongroup, you will share this as well as your verse.

• Next, it is important to journal what God is speaking specifically to you. Start by listing your verse followed by whether it is a Promise, Truth and/or Command and why. Finally, write a prayer to God for yourself listing the words of life He speaks to your heart. This is a time where you take action and obey what He has asked of you. Tell God what you are going to do next. Again, this prayer is for you, not “us.”

• Be mindful in prayer, asking God to put someone on your heart that you could invite to your Irongroup. The world needs Jesus!

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